Young Europe Summer Summit
Inscríbete en la Young Europe Summer Summit 2022
Real richness is knowledge, and it is born at school

Action schools in Anantapur, with Fundación Vicente Ferrer. Photo Fundación Vicente Ferrer

Gibing a buffalo is giving progress

Action taken: "Female buffalo for women in Anantapur", with Fundación Vicente Ferrer. Photo by Fundación Vicente Ferrer

Not everybody can write a book, but you can plant a tree

Project "Plant a tree"

It can be used to go for a walk or for children to go to school

Action carried out by "School bicycles" in Luanda

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Sleek & Beautiful


Llevar a cabo proyectos para promover el bien común y para ampliar el collective de personas y entidades solidarias.

Sleek & Beautiful


Ser un reference en la cultural del dar a través de proyectos inclinados a ampliar el bien común.

Sleek & Beautiful


Promover la acción social, compartir la cultural del dar y poner en valor la empatía y la dignidad humana.



Promote and support social initiatives and development projects. Respect the dignity of the human person and human rights.

Use dialogue, respect for others, deep listening and esteem, among the members that make up the association, as a tool for decision making and relationship.

Sensitize the social fabric and spread the “culture of giving” and solidarity as a tool and style of action.

Wanting to do to the other as well as we would like them to do to us.



The culture of giving

One of the challenges of Ecomon is to spread “the culture of giving”, so that it ends taking root in our life and that of our immediate environment.

Giving is one of the most sublime acts that a person can do. It is a way of communicating that, in addition to favoring the other, it dignifies us and gives us the satisfaction of having left ourselves, of opening ourselves to the world and feeling more human beings.

Therefore, those of us who take part of Ecomon freely propose, depending on the possibilities of each one, to dedicate our surpluses to others, starting with the most disadvantaged, thus doing our part to alleviate the great inequalities and injustices that exist, which are the basis of the most of the evils that affect humanity today.

The culture of giving wants to speak little and act a lot. It wants to move towards a humanity that is more compassionate, dignified and caring.



I want to participate

Everyone is welcome to Ecomon. You should only have the concern to give yourselves and to give, take action to make a better world.

The action can be to support a specific project, to act in any of the commissions, to contribute resources or to share ideas.

A very small donation must be paid to formalize the commitment with the association.