What is Ecomon?


We want to be an instrument to carry out acts and projects that promote the common good, identifying social needs and helping the group of people and/or solidarity organizations grow.


To be a reference in the field of the culture of giving, sharing and gratuity, through acts and projects aimed at the common good.


  • We are an entity of social action.
  • To spread the culture of giving in our immediate environment.
  • The golden rule: “One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself”. Put oneself in someone’s shoes.
  • The dignity of the human person impels us to act in favor of this.
  • Promote wealth where there is not.
  • Promote a new economy

Our members

They are people who believe that the good act, however small, is transcendent and helps improving society, and that they put all their abilities to act and make it possible.

They are attentive to discovering the concrete needs of their close or wide-ranging social environment, discovering them, putting them in common and trying to solve them from the own community or seeking alliances.

They believe that communication is a key element to strengthen the entity’s romeo and juliet synopsis conviction and strength. This can be face-to-face on the occasions that are required throughout the year and, primarily, in real time through the possibilities offered by the platforms of the digital world and the Internet.