Wealth is needed in many places. Here we need to learn to give.

The initiative was born from the hand of a small group of people, some of them entrepreneurs, after having made a trip to India, in the Anantapur area. There they collaborated and made possible some projects with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, an entity that carries out exemplary work with the most disadvantaged (the caste of the Dalits or untouchables). Having seen how much profitable is the aid from our country in the construction of wealth in places where so much is needed, they decided to take action, knowing that generation of wealth is what is needed there, here we need to learn to give if we want to preserve our dignity and we want to build a more just and sustainable future. This is how Ecomon was born, with the firm will to help create wealth where there is none and to spread the culture of giving among people, who are often unaware that we have everything we need and more.

Where there is a problem, we want to be there to help. We may not solve it, but we will try.