What is Ecomon: our members

Ecomon people make a front of action oriented to spread the culture of giving and create development and wealth where necessary, by donating their knowledge, their contacts, their resources or their time.

We have in common that we want to act effectively. We all welcome, especially those who believe that it is not good to settle into a consumer model oriented to “have” and want to open up to the “culture of giving” and dedicate their surpluses to improve their environment, starting with the most disadvantaged. We are entrepreneurs, liberal professionals, employees public employees who, having acquired sufficient well-being, make the option of a sober lifestyle, renouncing consumerism and orienting themselves to live well with little so that others can simply live.

We want to give ourselves to causes that promote a more just and supportive world.

Ecomon acts on two main fronts. The first one is based on collecting all the possible information related to different cases or improvement and development projects (personal or collective), with the aim of evaluating, deciding and acting to resolve them satisfactorily. The second, aims to help strengthen the internal conviction of its members and promote the dissemination of the culture of giving, being able to act as a group or individually.

In short, a civic platform that wants to become a living sign or testimony, in the midst of an individualistic and often hostile society, convinced that everything is bought and sold, that money has become a God.

This is our approach. Today, we already have a core of convinced friends, who share the homework service adventure of opening up and convincing people that there is no better way of living than sharing.

We invite all those with sensitivity and interest in this field who, with all freedom, adhere to our group and share with us this project that, in principle, has foreseen the basic connection through internet and some informative meeting or work apart of the particular performance that each one decides to do.