Objectives in detail

The objectives in more detail:

  1. Promote and support initiatives and projects of personal and / or social development that allow the recipients a good insertion in society and / or a better coexistence, under the criterion of considering the person a supreme value, promoting identity, creativity and autonomy of the people or entities involved, trying to comply with the quality indicators appropriate to each case.
  2. Promote respect for the dignity of the person and human rights. We like and are inspired in our performance by the universal golden rule: “To want for the other the good you would want for yourself” (and to do well to him and the society).
  3. The organization of events, courses, conferences, projects and other initiatives that allow the spread of knowledge of the rights, dignities of people and ways of optimizing social relationships. This can be done on its own or with the support and / or coordination of other related entities.
  4. The organization of dialogue groups and debates that allow to go in depth in the understanding of others and their needs, always based on respect, esteem for the other and pro-social communication. Ecomon applies this communicative and leadership style in the internal dynamics of its organization.
  5. Inform and promote those activities that help to spread solidarity economy, respect for the environment, education, peace, justice and all those values explained in the aims of the association.
  6. Pay special attention to the weakest people in society and that may be in a situation of risk and/or exclusion and in general all those who may feel a material or spiritual need that deprives them of living with full dignity.
  7. Promote the publication of articles and books and the preparation of studies that help deepen and spread the purposes of Ecomon, the rights of people and the prosocial innovation of the society.
  8. Inform and study proposals/development projects and support them as long as they are generating wealth and that this is reinvested in society, for which the proper monitoring, quality control and evaluation will be done. In this sense, Ecomon will accept or promote donations to make them feasible.
  9. Sensitize the social fabric and spread the “culture of giving” and solidarity as a tool and style of action, to favor -in freedom- a more harmonious and just world.
  10. Reinforce the conviction of its members in the direction of:
    • Exchanging articles, publications and books.
    • Commenting on personal experiences or acquaintances.
    • Sharing and communicating concerns and ideas.
    • Promotion of communication networks and relationships with similar entities with which projects, resources and/or knowledge can be shared.
  11. Spread the experience, values and performance of Ecomon:
    • Through media channels.
    • With appropriate personal contacts and new partners.
    • From the business platform.
    • Through business and/or professional services.
    • For events.
  12. Spread the culture of dialogue, reciprocity and pro-social actions and projects, under the name of ‘Actions and Community Projects’, through agreements/agreements with appropriate entities, which tune in with Ecomon by affinity and proximity of objectives. In this line, the agreements may consist of supporting community projects of wide scope. Likewise, the entities with which they collaborate can provide rigor and scientific and technical support to the action of Ecomon when necessary, to guarantee the sustainability and quality of the same and, at the same time, strengthen the social dimension of the projects and -in your case- the formation of pro-social leaders.