The culture of giving

One of the challenges of Ecomon is to spread “the culture of giving”, so that it ends taking root in our life and that of our immediate environment.

Giving is one of the most sublime acts that a person can do. It is a way of communicating that, in addition to favoring the other, it dignifies us and gives us the satisfaction of having left ourselves, of opening ourselves to the world and feeling more human beings.

Therefore, those of us who take part of Ecomon freely propose, depending on the possibilities of each one, to dedicate our surpluses to others, starting with the most disadvantaged, thus doing our part to alleviate the great inequalities and injustices that exist, which are the basis of the most of the evils that affect humanity today.

The culture of giving wants to speak little and act a lot. It wants to move towards a humanity that is more compassionate, dignified and caring.

What can we give?

  • Time: appointing ourselves to a work commission or participating in the organization.
  • Ideas and knowledge: to favor progress of the world, memberships, projects or fundraising, etc.
  • Resources: materials and/or money.
  • Information of interest: contacts to facilitate the management and effectiveness of the organization, reference articles or titles of books that promote the culture of giving.

Where we act

The same members or sympathizers of this organization are responsible how to write a good narrative essay for searching, detecting and proposing the different projects or cases that need help and/or for obtaining the resources to solve them.

The organization will evaluate and prioritize the projects according to the coherence and the objectives of the group.

“Action for a new economy”

“We believe that another economy is possible”

“Action to promote peace”

“We want to spread the culture of dialogue and peace”

“Action to improve the environment”

“We want to defend the world, because it is everyone’s house”

“Action for a new policy”

“We want a policy based on respect and common good”

“Action for a culture of dialogue”

“We understand dialogue as the basis and future of people”

“Action to get medicine for everyone”

“We want medicine to be oriented to the person”

“Action for an education based on respect and values”

“We support schools that promote values and cultivate the effort”

“Action to facilitate integration”

“We want to favor the integration of newly arrived people”