We like nature. Discovering the beauty and peace that give us new or known places is a privilege. We want to enjoy it in dialogue with other people and, in addition, to give it a sense, to orient the exit to a good and stimulating cause, that invites us to an action, personal or collective that improves our society.


Course 2017 – 2018

Canyelles – Can Coll – Font Nova (Collserola)

  • Cause: The importance of the community. How to strengthen it. Benefits.
  • Action: Participate free of charge in any organization or project.

Sant Daniel Valley – Castle of Sant Miquel (Girona)

  • Cause: 360º Dialogue.
  • Action: Propose to make us re-establish dialogue with someone particularly difficult.

Course 2016 – 2017

Sant Benet – Tines del Llobregat – Sant Benet

  • Cause: The Silence.
  • Action: Silence a few moments each day and listen in depth to those who speak to us.

Sant Esteve de Palautordera. Hermitage of Santa Magdalena – Castle of Montclús – Sant Esteve.

  • Cause: Ecology and life.
  • Action: Leave our environment a little better than before we passed.

Collformic – Sant Segimón – Collformic

  • Cause: Violence and evil as a social phenomenon. Challenges
  • Action: Be builders of peace.

Santiago’s road

  • Cause: Peace.
  • Action: be agents of peace in the world. 5 Stages: Sarria – Santiago.

Course 2015 – 2016

Hortsavinyà – Sant Martí de Montnegre

  • Causa: Els immigrants i els sense sostre.
  • Acció ser sensibles cap aquesta gent i afavorir-la.

Walk around the lake of Banyoles

  • Cause: What do we want to do with our life?
  • Action: Propose to change some behavior to improve.

Mura – Puig de la Balma

  • Cause: The value of craftwork.
  • Action: Rate them.

Course 2014 – 2015

Camí de Ronda Port de Llançà – Port de la Selva- Llançà

  • Cause: The 9N and the fraternity.
  • Action: Respect people who think exactly the opposite of us.

Walk through Collserola: Baixador de Vallvidrera. Valldaura

  • Cause: The value of the small things of each day.
  • Action: Be more sensitive with people who lack the most essential. Give

C0urse 2013 – 2014


  • Cause: The commitment to society. The gratuity of services.
  • Action: Participate or register in a service group (neighborhood, neighborhood, political or social action or common interest), preferably not leisure.

Walk through Collserola: Labyrinth of Horta – Hermitage of San Medir

  • Cause: The defense of culture and language.
  • Action: Bring three names of recommended books and one to share.

Sant Marçal – Matagalls

  • Cause: the spirit of overcoming.
  • Action: propose a personal challenge and make experiences.

Course 2012 – 2013


  • Cause: Agriculture and rural life.
  • Action: buy local and seasonal products.


  • Cause: Life in big cities.
  • Action: Try to find spaces for reflection in urban life.


  • Cause: Evictions and lack of housing.
  • Action: Bring clothes and food for families in need.

Course 2011 – 2012

Prehistoric route of the Roca del Vallés

  • Cause: The value of history and our parents.
  • Action: Honoring our parents and grandparents.

Delta del Llobregat

  • Cause: Harmony and the environment.
  • Action: Be more ecological respectful of nature and the urban environment.

Sant Aniol d’Agulla

  • Cause: Water and its importance.
  • Action: save water at home and everything.

Course 2010 – 2011

Roses, Cap Norfeo

  • Cause: Give something for the closest poor.


  • Cause: Love of the earth.
  • Action: Do something for the earth: plant a tree, participate in some association.

Montseny, Turó de l’Home, Les Agudes

  • Cause: Peace.
  • Action: spread it.

Course 2009 – 2010

La Fageda d’en Jordà

  • Cause: Sustainability.
  • Action: Consume less paper and bring used clothes.

La Mola. Natural Park of Sant Llorenç de Munt and Serra de l’Obac

  • Cause: Migration.
  • Action: Give for Haiti.

Go up to Queralbs – Núria

  • Cause: Migration.
  • Action: Give for Haiti.